Panasonic Scholarship

Panasonic Corporation (hereinafter “Panasonic”) was established in 1918 when Konosuke Matsushita, the founder, started a small workshop to make an improved attachment plug. Today, Panasonic is the most comprehensive electrical and electronic manufacturer in the world. Throughout its corporate history, we at Panasonic have believed that our mission as a manufacturer is to devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people, thereby contributing to the growth of human civilization. Traditionally, Panasonic has a strong conviction that the development of human resources is the most important issue that management has to deal with.

The Panasonic Scholarship Program was established in 1998 in commemoration of the company’s 80th anniversary as a way for the company to express its appreciation to society. Its aim is to provide scholarship opportunities to privately financed students from Asian countries who wish to pursue a master’s course in Japan, to offer financial assistance to foster highly educated experts who can contribute to the development of their countries in the 21st century, and to promote mutual friendship between their home countries and Japan.

Panasonic Scholarship has a motto “SMILE”.
S stands for “Social Responsibility”
Social Contribution is your duty.
M stands for “Multi-cultural Understanding”
You leant different culture through experience in Japan
I stands for “Intellect”
You made an academic research, but have wisdom as well.
L stands for “Leadership”
Please be a leader in the society.
E stands for “Excellent”
Please be really an excellent human being.

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